• Started six magazines (city, regional and national)
  • Editor-in-chief of five inflight magazines
  • 13 years as a freelance travel writer and photographer for magazines and newspapers
  • Five years as AAA Colorado's Director of Communications supervising  its magazine, website, public relations, public affairs and traffic safety. In charge of 10 employees and million-dollar-plus budgets.  
  • Co-author of Facing Your Fifties: Everyman's Reference to Mid-life Health, 2002. Publisher's Weekly included it in the Best Books of 2002. 
  • Author of Stapleton International Airport: The First Fifty Years. First book about an American airport. 
  • Teacher and lecturer.
 Background/Work Strategies/Publishing 
        Stats/Destinations Covered
Executive Summary

After attending journalism school at the University of Denver (BA in History, 1975), I spent 10 years as a magazine editor dealing with national publication start-ups in the real estate, cable, satellite TV and entertainment fields. I was also editor-in-chief of five in-flight magazines. 

From 1990 to the 2002, I was a freelance travel writer and wrote nearly 150 different articles for magazines and newspapers (see details below). 

From 2002 until January 2008, I worked for AAA Colorado. I was hired as editor and supervisor of advertising for its magazine, EnCompass, the largest circulation magazine in the state (330,000). After I turned around the magazine financially, I was made Director of Communications and put in charge of the magazine, the website, all public relations, public affairs and traffic safety. I supervised 10 employees, a lobbying firm, and million-dollar-plus budgets. 

From 2008 to the present: I left AAA Colorado to spend more time with my wife, who has a rare form of terminal cancer. In February 2009 I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and spent the year in pretty horrendous treatments and recuperation. In 2012, with me still being cancer free and my wife still healthy, I decided to research and write about one of my history passions -- World War I's Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB), which became the largest food relief program the world had ever seen. Run by a small group of Americans, the CRB is little-known today. It has become my life's work to change that. 

Books: In 1983, after spending seven years researching and writing part time, my history book on Stapleton Airport was published by Pruett Publishing. That same year, I started research for a WWI novel, Honor Bound, taking two years to write it (1986-1988). In 1997 I wrote a 200-page text on contemporary Denver, and began rewriting Honor Bound.  In 1999 I came up with an idea for a men's health book and found a co-author and NYC agent. After two years of research and writing, the book, Facing Your Fifties: Everyman's Reference to Mid-life Health, was published by NYC publisher, M. Evans. It was the first book of its kind and Publisher's Weekly included it as one of only three health books in its Best Books of 2002. As mentioned above, in 2012, I decided to write about the CRB. See the Books section below for what I've done. 

Personally: In 1993, and then again in 2000,  I lived in Australia as part of my wife's two teacher exchange years.  In 1993 we lived in Coffs Harbour (between Sydney and Brisbane) and in 2000 we lived in Melbourne. 


    1. Yanks Behind the LinesRowman & Littlefield, to be released October 20, 2020. 
    2.  WWI Crusaders, Milbrown Press, 2018. Kirkus Best Books of 2018. 
    3.  Behind the LinesMilbrown Press, 2014. Kirkus Best Books of 2014. 
    4.  Facing Your Fifties: Everyman's Reference to Mid-life Health,  M. Evans & Co., NYC, 2002
    5.  Stapleton International Airport: The First Fifty Years, a hardbound, coffee-table history book. Pruett Publishing,
                Boulder, CO 1983. 

Complete but unpublished 
                      1. Denver: Crossroads To Tomorrow, a 200-page manuscript on contemporary Denver, from 
                                 attractions to health care, arts & culture to economic development.
                      2. Honor Bound -- WWI historical novel. Three years research. Two years full-time writing.
                                Completed in 1988. 850 pages. Currently being rewritten.

In development
                     1. Six Must Die -- Contemporary political intrigue novel.
                     2. In Search of Home -- WWII/contemporary intrigue novel.
                     3. Lassiter's Reef -- Travel writer solves murders related to Australian historical mystery. Series 


My travel articles have appeared in more than 30 different magazines, 
including Country Living, Travel & Leisure, Better Homes & Gardens, 
Islands, Westways, The Robb Report, and the in-flights for British 
Airways, U.S. Air, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Continental and Delta.


My articles and photographs have appeared in 100 different American, Canadian and Australian newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Dallas Morning News, Arizona Republic, Toronto Star, and Denver Post. 

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Publishing Stats 

Jeff Miller's Articles  --  1990 to Joining AAA in 2002

United States
1. Family Cruising                 18 clips4,652,000 cir.
2. Minority Sites          16 clips5,447,000 cir.
3. Colorado Ski Train 15 clips5,760,000 cir.
4. Franklin's Philadelphia   15 clips3,532,000 cir.
5.-6. Flaming Gorge, Utah            15 clips3,219,000 cir.
7. Virgin Voyagers Cruise             14 clips2,504,000 cir
8. Olympic Peninsula Drive         12 clips2,768,000 cir.
9.-10. Colo. Houseboating 11 clips4,923,000 cir.
11. Swimming with Manatees     11 clips3,264,000 cir.
12. Philadelphia Museums          10 clips2,520,000 cir.
13. Padre Island, Texas      10 clips2,108,000 cir.
14. NYC Immigrant Museum         9 clips4,066,000 cir.
15. Mendocino Coast 9 clips3,344,000 cir.
16. Denver Summit & General      9 clips3,300,000 cir
17. Navajo Indian Fair          9 clips3,225,000 cir.
18. Empire Builder train      9 clips2,738,000 cir.
19-21. Seattle Underground/General    9 clips2,511,000 cir.
22. Cruise ship scuba          9 clips2,384,000 cir.
23. Philadelphia bookstores        9 clips1,657,000 cir.
24.-25. Denver History/General   8 clips3,130,000 cir.
26-65. 40 different articles         22 clips        46,309,000 cir.  
United States Total:                                     349 clips    13,361,000 circulation

1. Camping in Kimberley    11 clips2,840,000 cir. 
2. Aussie Tips            10 clips3,144,000 cir.
3. 4W Drivng in Outback      9 clips3,949,000 cir.
4. Twelve Apostles      9 clips2,109,000 cir.
5.-7. Insider's Sydney 9 clips1,938,000 cir.
8. Norfolk Island          8 clips2,212,000 cir.
9. Ayers Rock     8 clips1,945,000 cir.
10. Western Australia 7 clips2,130,000 cir.
11. Best of Australia Series 7 clips1,697,000 cir
12.-34.  23 Different Articles         89 clips        24,071,000 cir.
Australian Total:                                   167 clips    46,035,000 circulation

Other Countries
Canada, 11 Articles   62 clips         9,552,000 cir.
England & France, 5 Articles       32 clips9,373,000 cir.
Mex./Aruba/Tobago/Windstar/Car30 clips          7,431,000 cir.
New Zealand/Belgium, 4 Articles.         10 clips2,813,000 cir.
India & Guam, 4 Articles      19 clips         4,797,000 cir.
Hong Kong, 3 Articles (mag.)        6 clips2,043,000 cir.
Med. Cruise/Barcelona/Venice/Shopping     29 clips9,484,000 cir. 

GRAND TOTAL  135 articles                704 clips    15,164,000 circulation

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Jeff Miller’s Work Strategies

Off-Beat   Self-Drive Road Trips      Train Travel Cultural/Ethnic
HistoricalCruises – All TypesColorado     Australia

 What I Guarantee

 I will do extensive research before a trip so that my time and efforts are maximized. I’ll conduct myself  
 professionally throughout a trip. For at least two years after the trip, I will actively and aggressively market the
 stories I generate to my extensive list of domestic and international newspapers and magazines. My past
 performance is a strong indicator of my future production.

 What I Like From Destinations

 If On A Press Trip: A mix of other journalists who aren’t all writing and selling to the same markets as I am. Time
 flexibility to pursue individual story ideas away from the group. Adequate “down time” (not just an hour between
 the end of a tour and the start of a dinner) to write up notes and/or wind down. Less quantity in the schedule and
 more in depth experiences that will make for stronger stories. If On My Own: Research support, development of
 story angles, aid in securing critical interviews, and help in finding ways of incorporating infrastructures (most
 notably hotels) into legitimate articles.

 Past Performance

 A 10-day self-guided trip to England: Three articles, 25 clips, 6,518,000 readers. 
 An 18-day self-guided cruise in the Mediterranean: Four articles, 29 clips, 9,484,000 readers. 
 A three-week press trip to Australia: Six articles, 37 clips, 10,068,000 readers. 
 A seven-day self-guided trip to Mexico: One article, 11 clips, 2,241,000 readers. 
 A self-guided trip to Florida to swim with manatees: One article, 11 clips, 3,264,000 readers
 A press trip to California’s Mendocino Coast: One article, 9 clips, 3,344,000 readers. 

 PR References

 The following PR people have graciously allowed me to use their names as references on how I work and how I
 produce: Rich Grant, Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau; and Dick Griffith, Griffith/Steadman &

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Destinations Jeff Miller Can Write About


The West -- Colorado; Flaming Gorge, Utah; San Francisco; Phoenix; Las Vegas; Prescott; California's Menodinco Coast.

The Pacific Northwest -- Seattle; Olympic Peninsula; San Juan Islands; Portland; the Empire Builder train; the
Inside Passage.

The Middle Atlantic -- New Jersey; Philadelphia.

The South -- Sarasota; Citrus County, FL; Vicksburg; Padre Island; San Antonio. 

Hawaii -- Islands of Maui, Oahu, Kauai.


Australia --  Every state, major city and most other spots. (I've traveled there extensively as well as lived there for all of 1993 and 2000.)

New Zealand -- Both islands, every city and most other spots. 

French Polynesia -- Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora.

Guam Island, Hong Kong & Singapore


British Isles -- London; Bath; the Lake District; Yorkshire; York; Wales; southwest England.

France -- Paris; Canal du Midi.  

Belgium -- Most cities and areas.

Italy -- Venice, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, the Lake District and the Cinque Terra.

Spain -- Barcelona.

Mediterranean Cruising.


Canada -- Vancouver; Toronto; the train across Canada; Montreal; Quebec City; Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake, NWT.

Mexico -- All along the Yucatan Peninsula.

Caribbean -- Bahamas; St. Martin; Martinique; Aruba.

India -- Bombay; Calcutta; the southern coast and inland.

Cruises -- QE2 Atlantic crossing; Sydney-Auckland; numerous Caribbean itineraries; Windjammer & Princess cruises.


Colorado, Australia, trains, self-drive, off-beat, soft adventure and history. I'm a certified scuba diver and a good photographer.

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