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Additional Images of 1914 Italy: If you haven't already ready my intial Italy article with the 10 images you can do so by clicking here. I thought I'd post more old images of Italy for those who have made the effort to reach my website. Following are 11 new images that I hope you like. I have not had time to clean them completely, nor adjust them to maximize their impact. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at [email protected]  
Local fishermen would come to the main square and offer their catches to passersby. Many times they were more interested in the conversations than in a sale.
Two Photos Down at the Port of Naples
Even though it was 1914, most of the ships docked at Naples were still masted sailing ships. 
The Bay of Naples & its Slumbering Giant, Mt. Vesuvius
Rome: Even in the city, rural life was not far away. Here, a man takes his goats for a walk so they can graze in the park. 
One Large Photo Becomes Two Expressive Images 
Two Photos of the Island of Capri 
The Main Square where people transferred to smaller carriages that could travel through the narrow streets of Capri. 
A cobbler working in the street. If the photo looks out of focus, it is. 
Two Photos of Hard Working Women 
Three women stopping for a short break as they walk barefooted along the Amalfi Coast road. They are all a bit shocked that the American photographer wanted to take their photo. My grandfather did not say what was in the wooden baskets, but they usually carried everything from grapes to oranges and other produce. 
Another barefoot, hard working woman who agreed to stop so my grandfather could take her picture. He did not identify where he was, but it was probably the island of Capri. 
Comments Received 

1. Came over here from the AAA Encompass site. I'd love to see more photos, having toured in some of the areas in question. [email protected]

Jeff Replies: Thanks, Dave. I'll try and post more photos in the next few months. It takes quite a bit of effort to scan and clean up each 100-year-old slide. I also have the images for sale at my E-Store

2. Would love to attend a lecture with slide show of your grandfather's photographs. Do you lecture and present one anywhere in the Denver area?

Jeff Replies: I never thought about giving lectures (just like my grandfather did). I have talked about him and his 1914 images at Rotary Club functions and other small group events. But I've never thought about offering a lecture on it. Thanks for the idea!