The Commission for Relief In Belgium;
Lists of CRB Delegates & Others
B.S. Allen
F. Angell
R. Arrowsmith
F. Baetens
F.H. Bain
L.W. Bates, Jr.
C.W. Bowden
M.M. Brown
G. Bulle
Explanation & Please Help: Since 2012, I've been researching and writing a series of books about WWI's Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB), which organized and supervised the largest food and relief drive the world had ever seen. I have now produced three books: Behind the Lines (Milbrown Press 2014) and WWI Crusaders (Milbrown Press, 2018) -- both of which have received numerous national recognitions and awards; and the upcoming Yanks Behind the Lines (Rowman & Littlefield, October 2020).  Learn more about all three books and the Commission for Relief in Belgium  

This page has to do with who was in -- or assisted -- the CRB. Currently, there is no definitive list from any group or institution that ties names with photos. Approximately 150 to 180 American men (and one woman) were officially recognized as CRB "delegates" who worked in German-occupied Belgium from October 1914 until May 1917 (when the last Americans left Belgium because of America's April entry into the war).    

To create a master list for future researchers, I began this page as a way of crowd-sourcing photos and names. Help has come from descendants of CRBers as well as from professors of history, including  Professor Branden Little, Professor Tammy Proctor, and Professor Margaret Hunt. Thanks to all who have helped. 

In June 2015, I did a major revamping of this list -- breaking it into multiple lists that include: 
                           * Diplomats Who Aided The CRB (22 total; 7 no photo)
                           * Support Staff, Unknowns, Unsure (9 total)
                            * Belgians Who Served With the CRB, But Not Officially Listed As CRB (3 total)
                           * Americans Who Served, But Not In Belgium (31 total; 10 no photo)
                           * Americans Not Officially Listed, But Did Serve (11 total; 7 no photo)
                           * Acknowledged CRB Delegates Who Served In Belgium (129 total; 2 no photo)  

With each entry, I've added dates of service, where they served, and any extra info I feel might be important.  My own Excel spread sheets on all these people run well over 100 pages. I've pulled my information for this page from many sources, but the five primary lists I used were from Vernon Kellogg's book, Fighting Starvation in Belgium,  Brand Whitlock's book, Belgium, Robert Arrowsmith's list made in Belgium, and the 1920 & 1929 official lists compiled by the CRB. Any differences I have with official lists come from numerous personal accounts of those in the field.

The two major CRB archives -- the Hoover Institution at Stanford and the Hoover Presidential Library And Museum in West Branch, Iowa -- have been great sources of information (Thanks Matt, Carol and David). They also know about this project and  I hope are referring people to this page. Thanks to anyone who spreads the news of this crowd-sourcing effort, or helps me find missing pieces or corrects any inaccuracies. Any corrections or queries should be sent to me, Jeff Miller, email: [email protected]  
A.N. Connett
L.C. Wellington
O.C. Carmichael
H.S. Pratt
W.W. Stratton
Quick access to the list:
"Acknowledged CRB Delegates Who Served in Belgium"

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  No Photo 
P.H. Chadbourn
C.H. Carstairs


  No Photo 

  No Photo 

  No Photo 
O.T. Crosby
E.D. Curtis

  No Photo 
A. Dulait
H.L. Dunn
R.M. Dutton
Fred Eckstein, Fred Exton
A.C.B. Fletcher
H. Fletcher
F.H. Gailor
Perrin Galpin
G.I. Gay
C.B. Gibson
Hugh Gibson
John L. Glenn
Prentiss Gray
Joe Green, Joseph Green
D.M. Gregory
W. Gregory
D.M. Grunn
W.M. Gwynn

  No Photo 
W.L. Honnold
R.F. Hill
Herbert Hoover
Robert A. Jackson
Rene Ludwig Jensen
Charlotte Kellogg
Vernon Kellogg
C.N. Leach
R.R. Lytle
L.D. Mapes
R.V. Maverick
F.W. Meert
David T. Nelson
F.D. Neville
Earl D. Osborn
H. Owen
Walter Page
S.H. Paradise
Maurice Pate
W.A. Percy
P.S. Platt
William B. Poland
P.B.K Potter
Edgar Rickard
Louis Richards
Gardner Richardson
A.B. Ruddock

  No Photo 

  No Photo 

  No Photo 

  No Photo 
E.B. Sengier
Millard K. Shaler
John L, Simpson, Pink Simpson
R.H. Simpson
R. Smith
W.H. Sperry
T.H. Stacy
F.D. Stephens
G.B. Stockton
C.H. Stone
E.C. Thurston
F.C. Thwaits
William Hallam Tuck
J.A. Van Hee
R.H. Warren
J.B. White
A.C. Whiting
Brand Whitlock
C. Whitney
Francis C. Wickes
R. Withington
E. Wiliams
James W. Gerald
CRB, Commission for Relief in Belgium
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Edward E. Hunt
M.R. Villalobar

  No Photo 
J. Dangerfield
W.L. Brown
R.A. Mann
E.B. Robinette
Will Irwin
D.P. Barrows
F.P. Brackett
Ruddock, A. B; replaced Gibson as Legation
Secretary; BF
Ames, William Chick; 7-16/end; Rotterdam
Angell, Frank; 1-16/8-16; BF
Robert; 12-15/end; BF
Baetens,Fernand; Belgian; CRB shipping & asst. dir. to Gray; listed on 2 CRB lists; BF
Bain, Foster H; 6-15/9-16; London & BF
Allen, Ben Shannon; 10-14/end; London
Barrows, David Prescott; 1-16/3-16; BF
Barry, Griffin R; 8-15/12-16; BF
Bates, Lindon, W. Sr; 11-14/10-15; NY
Bates, Lindon, W. Jr; 11-14/5-15; NY
Bell, Jarvis E; 10-14/1-15; not on 1920 list BF
Baker, George Barr; 10-15/end; NY
Bertron, Samuel Reading; 11-15 only; not on  1920 list; 
Bowden, Carlton G; 12-14/1-16 & 6-16/10-16; BF
Brackett, Frank Parkhurst; 7-16/12-16; BF
Bradford, Henry P; 1-16/5-16; BF 
Bennett Harvie; 12-14/2-15; BF
Belrose, Louis; 1-16/8-16; BF
Brown, Milton M; 1-16/end; BF; later London
Brown, Walter Lyman; 12-15/end; Rotterdam & London
Bryant, Floyd Sherman; 12-14/1-15; BF
Bulle, German Hermancito; Mexican Minister to Belgium; BF    
Brodrick, Carlton Thayer; 12-14/1-15; London
Carstairs, Charles Haseltine; 1-15/end; BF
Philip H; 2-15/12-15; BF
William H; 3-15/7-15; BF
David S; 11-14/end?; on 2 lists as D.C, but is D.S.; not on 1920 but on '29
Chasseaud, H. Gordon; 2-15/815; BF
Oliver Cromwell; 12-14/4-15; BF
Chew, Oswald; 2-16/6-16: BF
Clark, Archibald D; 12-14/12-15; BF
Clark, Albert W; 12-15/4-16; BF
Clark, Rene Stanley; 12-14/8-16; BF
Clason, Charles Russell; 12-14/1-15; BF
Frederick H; 1-16/816; BF
Connett, Albert N; 2-15/4-15; 1920 list says started 1-15; BF
Connett, Thomas O; 1-15/4-15; BF
Crocker,  William Henry; 11-14/end; THE Crocker of San Francisco; a major financier. 
Croll, Morris William; 6-15/9-15; BF
Coffin, C.A; 11-15/end?; on 2 lists, but not 1920 list 
Curtis Edward Davidson; start/end; BF
Cutler, Henry F; 8-16/1-17; BF 
Cutting, R. Fulton; 11-15/end
Crosby, Oscar T; 5-15/9-15; 1920 list says 4-15 started; BF
James Jr; 12-14/end; BF
Dawson, Thomas B; 6-15/8-15; BF
Dickson, J. W; 11-14/1-15; London 
Dulait, Armand; 12-14/end; in charge of Auto Dept.; BF
Dunn, Harry L; 7-16/end; BF 
Dana, Paul; 4-15/6-15; BF
Dutton, Robert M; 4-15/11-16: BF 
Dyer, Richard Taylor; 12-16/2-17; BF
Frederick; later became Exton; 2-16/8-16 & 11-16/end: BF
Edgar, William C; 11-14/end; NY & BF 
Fleming, John H; 1-15/2-16; BF 
Dunn, Will McKee; 2-16/6-16; BF
Fletcher, Horace: 2-15/11-15; BF
Flint, William Willard Jr; 12-14/1-15; BF
Gade, John Allyne; 9-16/1-17; BF
Gailor Frank Hoyt; 12-14/7-15; BF
Galpin, Perrin Comstock; 12-14/5-15; BF
Fletcher, Alfred C. B; 2-16/end; BF 
Gay, George Inness; London; 7-16/end
Gerald, James W.; US Ambas. to Germany 
Gibson, Carleton B; 12-14/4-15; BF
Gibson, Hugh S.; Secretary to US Legation; later with Page; BF 
Glenn, John L; 12-14/9-15 & 6-16/10-16; BF 
Gary, Elbert H; 11-15/end; on 2 lists, not on 1920 list; probably worked in NYC office
Green, Joseph Coy; 10-15/7-17; BF
Gregory,Donald Munson; 10-16/end; BF
Gregory, Warren; 11-16/end; BF 
Gunn,Dudley Benjamin; Arrowsmith IDs him as being expelled from CRB; BF
Gwynn, William M; 7-16/end, BF 
Gray, Prentiss Nathaniel; 2-16/end; BF
Murdock, no first name; some evidence he was a screw up and was removed; BF
Hall, William
Chapman; 7-16/7-17; BF
Herbert F; 2-16/7-16; BF 
Harper, George McLean; 5-15/6-15; BF
Charles Francis; 12-14/4-15; BF
Daniel N; start/end: BF
Hall, Guillermo F; 2-16/1-17; BF 
Hill, Roland F; 
Hollmann,Emil Frederic; correct  original spelling of name; 12-14/2-15; BF
Honnold, William L;10-15/end; London
Herbert Clark; no need for ID or dates!
House,Roy T; 2-16/5-16; BF
Alexander J; 11-14/end; NY
Humbert Jr.,
Pierre; 4-15/5-17; BF
Hunsiker, Millard; 10-14/10-15; London
Hunt, Edward Eyre; 12-14/3-16; BF
Iliff, John Gilroy; 5-15/9-15; BF
Irwin, Will Henry; 10-14/end; NYC
Hulse, William Stewart; start/11-16; BF
Jackson, Robert A; 5-15/end; BF 
Jackson, William B; 12-15/end; BF 
Jensen, Alfred C;12-14/3-15; on one list, not on 1920 list; BF   
Jensen, Rene Ludwig; Danish; CRB courier; BF
Johnson, Amos D.; started as US Legation staff; CRB management team in Brussels  inearly days; BF 
Jackson,George S; 11-14/11-15; BF
Charlotte H; 6-16-12-16; only woman to be called a delegate; BF 
Kellogg,Vernon Lyman; 6-15/11-15 & 6-16/end; BF
Kite,St. Alban; 11-15/8-16; BF   
Kittredge,Tracy B; 12-14/7-15 & 5-16/7-17; BF 
Knox, Newton B; same Stanford class as Hoover; London office; 4-15/7-15
Jones,Thomas H; 12-4-15; BF
Charles N; 9-15/12-15; BF 
Marshall; Secrt. Legation at The Hague; follows 1st food barges in; BF    
Leach, Charles N; 3-16/end; BF 
Liefeld, Ernest T; 7-16/end; BF
Walter C; 12-14/1-15; BF 
Lucas William Palmer; 5-16/8-16; BF
Lucey, John F; 10-14/end;  London, Rotterdam, BF 
Lytle, Ridgley Richard; 5-15/8-15; BF
Robert Dale; 11-14/11-15; NYC
Charles Hill; 10-14/1-15; BF
Malabre, Alfred L; 1-16/4-16; BF 
Mann, R. A.; 12-14/7-15; Rotterdam
Mapes, Lester D.; accountant in Brussels; BF
Maurice, Arthur Bartlett; 1-17/end; BF
Robert Van W; 9-16/end; BF
Louis J; 1-16/6-16; London 
Frederick W; 11-14/end; BF
Morgan, Dudley S; 6-16/end; BF 
Nelson, David T; 12-14/10-15; BF 
Neville,Francis D.; accountant in Brussels; BF
Oliver, Thomas E; 9-15/5-16; BF 
Osborn, Earl Dodge; 10-15/4-16 & 9-16/end; BF
Owen, Herbert; ??
Page, Walter; US Ambas. to Britain
Paradise, Scott Hurtt; 12-14/4-15; BF
Pate, Maurice; 7-16/6-17; BF
Percy, William A; 12-16/end; BF 
Pinchot, Gifford; 4-15/5-15; on 2 lists, but not on 1920 or 1929 CRB lists; Hoover wanted him to be "ambassador" to German HQ, but he had border infractions and Bissing kicked him out before he could start; BF
Platt, Philip Skinner; 6-16/1-17; BF
Poland, William Babcock; 9-15/end; BF
Francis H; 2-16/10-16; BF 
Potter, Philip B. K; 2-16/end; BF
Pratt, Henry S; 9-16/1-17; BF
Rickard, Edgar; 10-14/end; London & NYC 
Richards, Louis; 1-15/end; BF
Gardner; 5-15/end; BF
Robinette, E. B.; ?? 
Sengier, Edgar B; Belgian, but part of "CRB directorate"; BF 
Seward, Samuel Swayze; 6-15/12-15; BF
Shaler, Millard K; 10-14/end; London office; bought 1st food for Brussels; BF
Sharp,William Graves; US France, 1914-1919
Simpson, John Lowery; 12-15/7-17; BF
Richard Harvey; 12-14/4-16; BF
Robert P; US consul in London
Smith, Charles A; 4-15/8-15; London & possibly Rotterdam
Robinson; 12-14/end?; BF
George F; 12-14/1-15; BF
Sperry, William H; 12-14/end; BF 
Stacy,T. Hardwood; 12-14/4-16; BF
Frederick Dorsey; 1-15/4-16; BF
William Cooper; 6-15/10-15; BF
Stimson, Henry L; 11-16/end; on 2 lists, not on 1920 list but on 1929 list; Listed probably because of his political support
Stockton, Gilchrist Baker; 4-15/1-16 & 7-16/10-16; BF
Stone,Carlos H; 12-16/end; BF 
William W;2-15/7-15; BF 
Straus, Oscar S; 11-15/end?; maybe NYC or London office.  
Stubbs,Roscoe; 11-14/end?; no work place listed
William M; 12-14/1-15; BF
Thurston, E. Coppee; 12-14/8-16; BF
Frederick C; 8-16/end; BF 
Torrey, Clare Morse;12-15/10-16; BF 
Trumbull, Frank; 11-15/end?; on 2 lists, but not on 1920 & 1929 lists; no work place listed
Tuck, William Hallam; 9-15/12-16; BF
Van Dyke, 
Henry; US  Minister to Holland 
Van Hee, Julius; US vice-counsel in Ghent; BF
Van Schaick, 
John Broadhead; 9-15/9-16; BF
Verhaegen, no first name; in photo  book;  Beligan??
Marques R de S; Spanish Minister in Belgium; BF
Warren, Robert H; 12-14/5-15; BF 
Laurence C; 12-14/5-15 & 8-15/9-16; BF  
White, John Beaver; 10-14/end; dir. NY;
Whiting, Almon C; 9-16/end; BF
Whitney, Caspar; 5-15/4-16; BF
Wickes,Francis C;8-15/6-17, BF        
Williams, Edgar; 6-16/ 2-17; BF
Williams, Percy H; 12-14/1-15; doc; BF
Robert; 3-16/12-16; BF
Young, Carl A; 12-14/6-16; dir. at Rotterdam
Diplomats Who Aided The CRB
(22 total; 7 no photo)
Support Staff, Unknowns, Unsure
(9 total)
Belgians Who Served With The CRB, But Not Officially Listed As CRB (3 total)
Editor's Note: "BF" stands for service in Belgium or France. 
Acknowledged CRB Delelgates Who Served In Belgium
(129 total; 2 no photo)
Brand; Minister, US Legation in Belgium; BF
Americans Who Served, But Not In Belgium
(31 total; 10 no photo)
Americans Not Listed, But Did Serve
(11 total; 7 no photo)
The Chief

  No Photo 
Graff, Clarence; only on one list as Am. Relief Comm. but believe he was in CRB start in London

  No Photo 

  No Photo 
Hubbard, Griffith Evans; in Am. delegation to The Hague; obit says worked in CRB

  No Photo 

  No Photo 

  No Photo 
Castle, Clarence Austin; Rhodes Scholar in 2nd wave to Belgium; BF
Kaufman, no first name; in Nelson's diary as being in Belgium: BF
Eagleton, Clyde; Rhodes schoar in 2nd wave to Belgium: BF  

  No Photo 
MacKenzie, Alexander; spelled incorrectly McKenzie in HI; BF

  No Photo 
Mechling, William Hubbs; Oxford student in 2nd wave to Belgium; BF

  No Photo 
Noble, George Barnard; Oxford student; 2nd wave to Belgium: BF

  No Photo 
Patton, Francis Lester; Rhodes scholar, 2nd wave Belgium: BF
Wheeler, Alexander Royal; Oxford student; 2nd wave to Belgium: BF

  No Photo 
Diederich, Henry W; also incorrectly Dietrich; consul general Antwerp; BF 

  No Photo 
Nasmith, Roy; vice-consul in Antwerp; BF

  No Photo 
Herter, Christian A;US Embassy Germany 1916-1917, but Gray says "our Legation"; BF?
Johnson, Henry Albert; US consul in Ghent, then Antwerp I think; BF

  No Photo 
Sunderland, Capt. A. H; US military attaché The Hague; rode 1st food train to Liege

  No Photo 
Larner, Miss Caroline; US member of Belgian Legation staff; BF
DeGruchy, Oliver Williams; Accountant in Brussels; BF
Van Vollenhoven, no first name; Dutch Minister to Belgium; BF
Herrick, Myron Timothy; Am. Ambas to France, 1912-1914 
Swift, Wesley Merritt; born 1887; Oct 1921 in consular service        
St. Amour, James Alexander; accountant & auditor CRB