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2. Woman carrying wine cask A woman hauls a cask full of wine down to the town of Amalfi, probably to toil back up the steep mountain trails with a return load of charcoal.

2. Woman carrying wine cask

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A woman hauls a cask full of wine down to the town of Amalfi, probably to toil back up the steep mountain trails with a return load of charcoal.

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Brown was mightily impressed with those who carried produce and products by hand, foot and back. Waxing philosophical, Brown related in his Naples lecture that "As to the life along this coast, it seems to have passed into mere existence...And the people hereabouts struggle on through the years, growing old with heavy labor before youth has ever reached its prime." Photo Copyright: Jeff Miller

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One-Of-A-Kind Fine Art Prints of 1914 Italy 

Story Behind The Photos: The images below were taken by my grandfather, Milton M. Brown. He was a travel lecturer on the Chautauqua Circuit in 1915. He lectured on Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast and used a lantern slide projector to show hand-colored glass slides of photos he had taken. When he died, I inherited all his trip notes, lectures and hundreds of old photos of Italy. I am now working on articles and a book that will highlight much of his photographs, which I've scanned, cleaned up, altered and copyrighted. I'm now offering a select number of these photos for sale to those who appreciate fine art photography and historical images of Italy. I hope to add more items in the months to come. 
What You Get: Each image comes with an Authenticity Guarantee and a Historical Context document explaining the story behind the photos. Image reproduction is done by a professional lab on high quality paper. You can choose either a matte or glossy finish. Images are unframed and unmatted.
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Image Size:  Because these handcolored glass slides came in a nonstandard size, and because many have to be uniquely cropped to highlight their individual beauty, reproduction in standard sizes can be challenging. As you can see, I'm currently offering four standard dimensions. Because most of the images don't exactly fit these sizes, there will probably be a white border around them so no image quality is lost. If you would like to order a different size, contact me directly at the email address below.
Usage Rights: These images are copyrighted by Jeff Miller and are offered for personal use only. Contact me if you would like to use them for commercial use -- e.g. advertising, article illustrations, or even Italian restaurants wanting mural-sized images. 
Extra Costs & When I'll Ship: $8.95 shipping per transaction; Colorado residents pay 2.9% sales tax; both assesed at the end of the transaction. You should receive your photos within two weeks of ordering.
Order Requests/Comments/Questions: Email me at